Moving through Change – Part 1

There are times in our lives where everything around us and within us can be quite intense. For me personally, the energy at the moment is about releasing what no longer serves us and embracing new beginnings. I feel that many of us are currently reflecting and questioning our lives. As a result, we are moving through a period of change and realigning ourselves to our highest path that is for the greater good; for ourselves and everyone around us.

I have recently moved through a challenging and intense period that in hindsight was a recurring pattern I had experienced a few times many years before. I reflected on my past experiences that had some threads of similarity to what I was experiencing currently. I realised whenever I would undergo a big change in an aspect of my life I would have a lead up to it. For me before the change occurred, it was often highlighted involving illness like a virus, that would take some time to heal. I believe this was an opportunity to stop, rest and to listen to my intuition or higher self for answers.

During these challenging times there was a part of my life I was continuing with, out of fear of the unknown or feeling I had to continue as an obligation to others. I felt I was pulled between releasing it and holding on in the hope that it might get better. The situation I was holding on to wasn’t bringing me joy, which was an indicator that I was holding on to something past its use by date.

After deep reflection and contemplation, weighing up pro’s and con’s, I would reach a point within myself that I no longer wanted to experience this and knew what needed to be done. When we reach the point of knowing what to do and when we do it; it is a big release. When we release something that is a major part of our life that formed our identity of who we are; it can take few days for our energy to realign and integrate what these changes will mean going forward. Often, we experience a surge of energy before we settle into the change.

I have realised by holding on to a situation that I was stopping new opportunities coming in. I was staying in a constant state of negative emotions. We can’t move forward if we are stuck in the emotion of where we are. I have reached that point of knowing in times of my life where I knew if I didn’t release it; it would affect me far greater than letting it go.

Once I released the situation, I was no longer held back. There were possibilities. I was excited what my future might look like. From a place of anxiety and fear, I now had opened myself up to opportunities that would bring me joy and happiness. I felt truly happy for the first time in a long time following my gut instinct.

The freedom I felt from opening up space where I was holding on was exhilarating. The next step was deciding not to rush to replace it or fill that space with another experience that may well be the same as the one I just released. I decided the space left needed to be healed and filled with the right things. I spent time walking, smelling oils, reading inspirational self-help books, meditation. I surrounded myself with activities that were nurturing. I filled the void with what I knew gave me joy.

To be Continued…..