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Moving through Internal Chaos – Part 2

If you missed Part One, you can read it here

I have learned through the negative situations I have been through. For me it reaches a crisis point where I have to move through the emotional turmoil and inner chaos. When we come out of the other side, I then know when it is the right time release what no longer serves me and stand in my own power. We have to move through the muck. How quickly we move depends on how ready we are to process what is happening and if we are ready to truly release what no longer serves us. The universe will conspire to bring us situations to help us move on and move through it to achieve what we really want. Life will support us and we will always be guided if we choose to listen.

Sometimes we keep holding on to a situation, thinking it might transform and change. I have done this hoping it will pass or change; it didn’t. I held on past the used by date, which for me then manifested further in the form of illness. If we don’t get the message the first time, learn the lesson and change, it will continue to come up until we do stop and listen.

I have learned in situations that it is okay to say No, and ask the universe to bring me something better. By saying No I learned that others around me would accept it eventually. By saying No, I was saying Yes to the universe and Yes to life. Yes to what I do want, and Yes to the life I want.

The chaos within me was telling me that I was not in alignment with who I truly was. I was fighting an internal battle, like a war. I was at war with myself. With fear, regret, guilt and holding on with a piece of hope. Hope it would transform and hope that I was wrong. I was holding on for other people, not for myself. I was pleasing others, thinking I would make them happy. But I didn’t.

When I released what needed to be released, I was no longer bound by duty to please others. There was freedom within that. I moved through the chaos, the rough waters within and did what needed to be done (albeit a bit overdue). I knew when I released this situation, that I opened myself up to possibilities. I also knew that the next step would appear when the time was right.

We create situations in our lives that will make us look at what isn’t working. This forces us to make changes. If we don’t make the necessary changes for our highest good, the Universe will present situations or illness to force us to make the changes that need to be made.

Danielle Renee

Holistic Therapist – Writer

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