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Trusting your Intuition

Our intuition is our guidance system. It comes in the form of thoughts, feelings and a deep sense of knowing. Our intuition can be instinctive, knowing what needs to be done in a particular moment of time without any logical reasoning. It can provide moments of clarity, insight and understanding. Our intuition can give us creative inspiration. It can turn on like a light bulb, with a clear idea or message. It can give us the clarity of knowing what the next step is.

For some people intuition also comes through our psychic senses called “Clairs”. Such as Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feelings or sensations), Clairscent (smelling) and Claircognizance (knowing). For some people one sense may be more dominant than another, or for some, intuition comes through more than one of the psychic senses. It is through this guidance system that our intuition gives us information.

I have been in situations where I followed that gut feeling when something wasn't right. I can remember one day about twenty years ago. I was in the car driving. I stopped at a set of traffic lights. I had a strange feeling, and turned my head to the left. Standing at my passenger side car door was a person peering through the window. I realised this person was looking at my bag on the driver’s seat. As I stared, this person realised I saw them and took a step back. It felt like it was all in slow motion, however in reality it was a few seconds of time. Instinct kicked in, as I stared back and pushed the lock button to lock the doors.

I can say without a doubt I was being guided by my intuition. I had this funny feeling and I remember feeling something around my ears and my ear on my left side that made me turn. I realised in hindsight I could feel their energy in my car, feeling that my personal space was being violated and my bag was about to be taken.

How often has a thought or feeling come up to not go ahead with a decision? What happens when we act on this thought? What happens when we ignore this thought and proceed? I can say from my experience, when I have followed my intuition the result has been a relief. When I have acted on my intuition, I have found out at a later point in time that I have avoided an unpleasant situation. From following my intuition, unexpected opportunities have come.

I have been in situations where I haven’t known what to do and I haven’t trusted what I felt, and ignored that gut feeling. I have proceeded ahead and then experienced a situation where the outcome was disappointing, unpleasant or not the outcome I was expecting. It is then upon reflection I have realised that I should have followed my gut instinct. We become more in tune with our intuition through experience; through trial and error. Through this, we feel confident we can trust what messages our intuition is telling us. We may not know the reason, however through practice we can learn to trust that gut feeling and act upon it accordingly.

If our mind is busy with constant thoughts and chatter, we are overwhelmed and as a result we are not in tune with our intuition. This is when we need to give ourselves some time and space to allow our intuition to come through. Going for a walk in nature or doing a creative project you enjoy, such as painting enables us to quieten our minds. If time is an issue, take a moment during the day to stop and listen to the quiet inner voice or that gut feeling. Stop and go quietly within, using your breath to breathe deeply in and out. Using our breath calms and centres the mind, enables us to release emotions of fear and anxiety. It gives us the time and space to tune in to our own intuition.

When we receive information through a feeling, thought or deep knowing, it is through experience of following the guidance given that gives us the confidence to know when to act. Through practice we gain the confidence to follow our intuition, even if our logical mind or ego may tell us not to. Through reflection and experience of following our intuition we are able to discern what feels right for ourselves.

We all have intuition that gives us guidance to assist us in every step of the way throughout our life. It is our choice to listen to our own intuition use our own discernment in situations that are presented. It is through experience that we learn and grow as individuals; we learn to trust and use our intuition. When we follow our intuition on a regular basis, our thoughts and feelings come forward clearer and stronger. We know without a doubt which choice to make in a situation; we know when to act, or when to wait for further information.

The best gift you can give yourself is time during the day to stop, go within and listen to the wisdom you have.

Danielle Renee

Holistic Therapist – Writer

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