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About White Light Publishing

White Light Publishing was established in 2014, and is very rapidly growing into a popular choice for both experienced and aspiring authors and artists to publish their work.  We are not your 'ordinary' publisher, and we love that about our publishing house.


One of the most important things we understand and appreciate is that having work published is a journey in itself, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that the entire experience is a personalised and positive journey for our authors.


We work closely with you to publish your work - whether it be a novel, a children's book, a deck of oracle cards.  We never lose sight of the fact that it's your dream we're working on. We'll provide support and guidance every step of the way to help you achieve an end product you will be proud of.

Julia - The author carrying the White Light torch forward xx



Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which human beings are connected, inspired and empowered and treat one another with kindness, compassion and love, regardless of differences.

Our Mission

Connection matters and that is what drives the team at White Light. We never forget the importance of being real and maintaining a personal connection with our clients, or family as we call them. Not only are we Australia's fastest growing independent publisher, we also provide soul enriching products and services all in one place. We love the feedback about the positive impact we've had on our community, whether it's helping a writer's dreams to be realised in publishing their first book, helping people to feel empowered through our spiritual guidance and services, or the fact that we donate a portion of every sale to charity, we are committed to our vision of a truly connected and compassionate world.

White Light Publishing Owner Julia Van Der Sluys

Our prices are kept affordable to help you achieve your dream of becoming a published author. If you require a payment plan, we're more than happy to work with you to offer a suitable option that best suits your needs.


Unlike mainstream publishers, you receive the majority of the profit from sales of your book when you publish with WLPH. Most importantly, you will maintain ALL rights to your work. White Light Publishing House never owns your work; even once it's published. We recognize all the hard work and love that you have put into your work and firmly believe in you maintaining ownership.


Whilst WLP is relatively new in the publishing world, we can promise you that the magical experience of publishing your work with us is unlike any other. As we grow we will continually work towards providing the absolute best journey possible for our authors when they choose to publish with us. To assist with our mission to heal humanity, White Light Publishing House proudly donates a percentage of all sales to charity.



We feel truly blessed to work with so many inspirational people on a daily basis and we know this is just the beginning. The future of White Light Publishing House is very exciting indeed and we look forward to sharing many more people's work with the world.

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