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Have you been wondering about what to do about Social Media for your books? Where do you start? You know you should be doing it, but never get around to it?  Well we have come up with some packages for you to help you get started.

White Light Publishing Social Media Packages

3 month "done for you" Social Media Tiles

This package includes 1 post image per week which you can post on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest in the correct size format. The post images will be exerpts from your books, quotes from your books "about you" images with a bit of wording on them. All you need to do is download the images, add your copy/caption to the image and that's a post done for the week!

Candy Cotton

6 month "done for you" Social Media Tiles

This package is 6 months of "done for you" Social Media images. So 24 images and an extra for the 5 week months. We get to know each of our authors via Zoom to learn about them, the kind of look they want, their target audience etc, before we start so we can get the images perfect to market their book baby!

Bespoke Social Media Package

We also know each of our authors are different, different genre's, different ages and stages, some of you have an online presence already, while others have none and are not sure where to start. We want to help you tailor the right Digital Media set up package for YOU. If neither of the above packages float your boat, or if you have some special ideas you would like to try out please let us know! Working together we can create just what you are looking for! 

Social Media Tips for Authors White Light Publishing (1).png

Check out "Trucking Magnetise YOU" a guide to get yourself as an author out to the world! Or "Trucking Good Book Selling Ideas" content ideas that will sell your masterpiece of a book. Over and above all be yourself! It's you people want to see and learn about which then empowers them to purchase your books, your oracle cards, your magic!

We can also whip up for you a "branded" just for your content guide from a copy of your book or oracle deck, get in touch and send us a copy of your work and we will do "our magic' and create you your own "Trucking Good Book Selling Ideas" or a "Trucking Magnetise You" specifically for you as the author and your creations. 

White Light Publishing Social Media SOS offerings 👇

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