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Anastasia Globa

Dr. Anastasia Globa is a researcher, academic and designer working in the fields of architecture and art, with the strong research interests in algorithmic design, immersive environments and advanced manufacturing. Anastasia was born in Russia, where she has completed her initial studies in classical arts (drawing, painting, sculpting and digital design) and architecture. She then moved to Germany (Dessau, Bauhaus) where she continued her studies in architecture and design on a Master level. The doctoral research work (New Zealand, 2015) and most of teaching, done in the span of 10 years in New Zealand, Russia and Australia focused on the use computation, algorithmic form-making and digital fabrication. Throughout the years Anastasia continued her creative work, being engaged in various exhibitions, life drawing sessions, design competitions, public events and projects, keeping her painting and sketching as an enjoyable; but mostly non profit hobby.

During the three years of her post-doc-research fellowship (2015-2018) Anastasia has further extended her skill-set and developed a large number of projects using interactive Virtual (VR) and Augmented (AR) environments. VR and AR was applied in the projects involving design exploration, data visualization and pre-occupancy simulation. She worked as a key member of the Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory at Deakin University and she has vast experience with the development and testing of digital and physical prototypes, interdisciplinary design and industry collaborations.

The Gypsy Cards project was something 'out-of-pattern' activity that utilized her design and drawing skills (both hand-drawn and digital) and required abundance of creativity. It was an amazing experience that involved rigorous research, trail-and-error and massive amount of time and effort, but was also highly rewarding and satisfactory.

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