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Nicky Stokes

Hi my name is Nicky (Nicola C Stokes), and I am blessed to live and share life with my wonderful husband and mum to our beautiful son. I was born in Nottingham UK and live in Melbourne, Australia.

I am a certified SoulCollage(R) facilitator; a passion that empowers others to create, read and journal their own messages from their Soul cards. It is a beautiful intuitive process that I love. I am a Holistic Counselor, Flower Essence Therapist and Access Bars practitioner and add these modalities to my Soulcollage(R) to offer these gentle healing processes.

My interests are many; travel, crystals, creating pursuits such as painting, jewellery making etc and always pursuing personal development opportunities. I have a passion for Fae folk and the elementals, I love nature and am a keen gardener and am a certified Fairyologist. Another creative outlet is my face and body art. I paint pregnant women adorning their beautiful bellies with art.

My dream come true is my novel " The Journey" which was published with White Light Publishing. In truth, this novel just came to me so quickly, in what seemed like a time warp. It came from the culmination of life's events and coming from my spiritual awakening creating this wonderful adventure. I really believe this all occurred when the time was right; bringing this wonderful, exciting opportunity to me. I thank White Light Publishing, my family and my angels for being my guides.

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