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Do you want to feel more fearless?


Are you looking to connect back with your soul and the Angels?


Do you want to stand in your power with Archangel Michael's strength at your back?


If so, then this recording is for you!


Courageously you is an Angelically channeled recording by Archangel Michael designed to help you reclaim your FIRE!

To help you feel courageous in any form and help you reconnect back to your own source of power, Spirit and most importantly to YOU! with the strength of AA Michael by your side....

Isn't it time to be COURAGEOUSLY YOU???


Courageously You is a MP3 recording of channeled Angelic Healing that is available for immediate download.


Healing Voices is the Angel in question using me as a channel and recording noises, singing etc. through my voice, so it is very unique. They are truly amazing and the possibilities for healing are endless.

Archangel Michael Healing Meditation


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