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You know when your heart is racing and you can't understand why? Or you understand too well and think oh not again?!


You want to pull your hair out in frustration because you have soo much to do and so little time?!


You're overwhelmed with so much emotions and thoughts running through your head that you just don't know how to react or if you are even Arthur or Martha?


You feel like you are teetering on a cliff and the next small thing is going to send you right over the edge....


Yep I have been there too, which is why, with the help of the Angels - we have created Calm - a balm for your frazzled soul.


It will help you take a step back from it all and return to that peaceful place to I promise exists inside of you.


Do this for you, do this for those around you! Just plain old do this!! Your soul and your sanity will thank you for it!!


Come and spend a few minutes in calm with the Angels. Let them soothe your soul.


Angelic Healing is a mixture of noises, words and sounds that are truly unqiue.

Calm Angelic Healing Meditation


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