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A chill ran through me as I thought of Eamnonn in his cave beneath the Dragon’s Crest, sitting atop his piles and piles of gold treasure. I could see the Dragon’s aqua, teal and brown scaled form as he spoke the same words he had to us in those stone depths.

“I offer you and your companions a warning: the one you call the Revenant is striking at the Custodians of the Past. All of them.” “The Custodians of the Past,” I murmured, everyone turning to me as I looked up at the man and woman. “That’s you, isn’t it?” After escaping the treasonous nobles responsible for the conspiracy against her family, Leander and her companions flee in search of safety. However, the appearance of a terrifying necromancer leaves the Princess questioning whether anywhere is safe for her to go as she soon faces the prospect of leaving her home nation behind. Finding herself in the middle of a battle between the necromancer and the mysterious Custodians of the Past, Leander is set on a path that will change her life forever as she draws nearer to a dire confrontation with the Shadow Lord himself...

Custodians of the Past


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