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Have you been neglecting your inner child?


Do you feel like you need a helping hand connecting to your inner child and giving them the love and attention they need?


This healing recording will help you to connect to your inner child, allow them to feel the love, that they are safe and protected and that you are there for them.


This is very powerful as at times how we react to situations, is due to that inner child not feeling safe and loved enough, making them feel they have no boundaries.


While this may have started from a not so pleasant childhood, you are the adult now who can ultimately heal, love and keep that inner child safe and secure.


It is time to give yourself a big hug and enjoy each other.


Allow yourself the time to connect with the inner you and give yourself and GIANT bit of loving.


These Angelic Healing Meditations are not like usual meditations. They are a direct channel from the Angels and have a very unique sound. They are sounds, singing, words, unlike anything you have heard before.

Inner Child Meditation


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