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Build tasty and nourishing salads from the ground up with my step-by-step guide. Including some of my favourite recipes that I use just about every day and plenty of tips to make salads that inspire you and you can really call your own.

If the idea of healthy eating is daunting or feels like you’ll be missing out on the stuff you really love, ‘Make Friends With Salad’ will teach you that healthy does not mean bland and you have the power to create salads that light you up, every time!

Download it to make it yours, today


I’m Miranda, The Body Positive Nutritionist

Think of me as your own personal wellness pixie, who nerds-out on the details & hypes you up for being exactly who you are.

Very into: Super-dark chocolate, empowered honeys and unconditionally loving every part of yourself. Making it fun since 1987.

When I started my degree in nutrition at 23, I had no idea the world of health that would open up to me. I was socially anxious & constantly contorting myself to gain the approval I craved so deeply from the people around me. I often had screaming panic attacks about work or what I was going to wear, and eventually quit my job, overwhelmed by insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Learning how my body works as a holistic system was my first step in developing a nutrition style all of my own. A system that not only helped me truly see & unconditionally love myself, it’s built the foundation that supports my health on every level.

I’m living in tune with what feels good to me.

This is the magic I now teach, and get to watch my clients absolutely thrive with!

Make Friends With Salad Ebook


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