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My Father’s Fhilosophy was inspired by Christina’s father who passed away at the age of 86 years young. As a young man, he emigrated from Germany to New Zealand and was an unskilled labourer who did not speak English. He spent 60 years living, learning and raising a family in a country he loved and came to call home. A modest man with a traumatic past, he lived simply, worked hard, loved his garden, his Schnapps and provided for his family.


Through his challenges and achievements, he demonstrated how one should live one’s life with honesty, integrity, spirituality and hard work. These were the cornerstones of Christina’s upbringing with this remarkable man. Over time and with much inward thought, he developed and shared with those he loved, a philosophy of life which is the inspiration for this book.

My Father’s Fhilosophy


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