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If you have children in your life, this is the book for them. Especially if they are school aged.


Introducing Positive Affirmations for Children and Teenagers.


This beautiful book is chock full of affirmation goodness, reminding the child in your life that they are loved, special and safe, with their friends, family and teachers. 


A message from the author - Silvana...


The Power of Affirmations
I have written this book of positive affirmations in
the hope that it will change the way you think about
yourself. An Affirmation is a sentence made up of
powerful words to inspire you and to help change a
negative thought to a positive one. You can start on
the first page or you can start wherever you like. You
can say as many Affirmations as you like daily, or you
can just choose one. When I wake up in the morning,
I start the day with one positive Affirmation and I
repeat it 3 times. I started saying positive affirmations
daily many years ago. They have helped me on my
healing journey and I hope that my book helps you.
With much love and gratitude

Positive Affirmations for Children and Teenagers


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