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Book 4 is out now!!!!!


The Book you have all been waiting for is now available to order!!!


Back Blurb:

As I cradled her in my arms, holding her tight and refusing to let her go.  I made a new vow, renouncing the oath I made as a Guardian. I was no longer a defender of High-Realm, no longer a Guardian, for I had failed in that mission. No, my oath now was for her and her alone. It was now Love's Vow, no other. 


As all of High-Realm and the lands beyond are plunged into darkness, Carden HIghever has only one thing on his mind; bringing Princess Leander back. Heart broken without the girl he loves, the young Guardian desperately searches for answers beyond the dark magic of necromancers as he and his companions step onto a path that leads to the God of Death himself. As he grows more desperate and suffers horrifying visions fuelled by guilt, Carden will embark on a journey that will force him to face his past and make a difficult choice...


Meanwhile, Leander finds herself in an alien world of mists and ghostly memories, alone but for a single familiar face. As she comes to terms with her horrific fate and the concept that she is trapped between Azmerath's Kingdom and the Void, Leander can only wait and hope that Caden can save her. 


But at what cost will that come?


Woowee how is that for a back blurb!!


Get your copy today!

The Uncertain Road


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