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YOU HAVE LIVED MANY TIMES represents a journey of discovery in the field of Past Life Regression under hypnosis. The book is based on the idea that the soul is eternal and travels through many lives in order to learn and teach lessons and ultimately evolve.

YOU HAVE LIVED MANY TIMES focuses on several real past life regressions cases, recorded in the author's Hypnotherapy practice. The clients' regressions, some face-to-face, others group regressions or even distance regressions, are conducted under deep hypnosis.

Brigitte Calloway is a hypnotherapist, who lives and maintains a private practice in Inglewood, New Zealand. She practices traditional Hypnotherapy as well as past life regression hypnosis. Brigitte Calloway conducts workshops and seminars in the subjects of Karma, the Law of Attraction, Chakras and Mindfulness Meditation.

You Have Lived Many Times - A Journey In Past Lives


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