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Working with the White Light Angels has been a sheer pleasure from the first moment and will continue to be as I add more titles well into what I see as a lasting and prosperous association. Whatever you do, don't hold off, take that first step today and let the world read your words.


- Robert Harbottle

Robert Harbottle | White Light Publishing
Deborah Maree | White Light Publishing

Signing my first publishing contract with White Light Publishing simply felt right. Signing my second contract at the same time felt amazing. Even better was Christie saying to 'write your own words'. Hearing those words felt freeing, reassuring and peaceful.

With my first book, a novel on pre-order and working with an illustrator on my second book, I am beyond thankful to be working with Christie and Lauren, who have both been honest and supportive. Forever grateful to be on this journey with you both.

- Deborah Maree

As a first timer at being published. White Light Publishing didn’t just hold my hand with my project, they embraced my dream of what I wanted to create. Lauren and I worked together to birth the 'I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards'.

They assisted me with the editing, the processes, the art work for the reverse side of the oracle cards.
I learnt heaps. Lauren and Christie are down to earth and understanding at a grass roots level, always encouraging and inspiring.

White Light Publishing is a evolving publishing house that is organically growing with the diversity of its authors. As spiritual people we go with who and what resonates with us. White Light Publishing resonated with me. It’s a journey I would happily recommend you take.


- Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts | White Light Publishing
Christina Richter | White Light Publishing

I am a first-time author and I sought out many publishing houses overseas to self-publish my first book 'Learn to Self-Heal'. They all wanted my book and some of them had big reputations, but all had the same problem: they did not listen to me. As a new author, I had concerns and wanted to be reassured that my book and myself were going to be nurtured through this new process I was experiencing. I came across White Light through a friend and as the universe would have it, I was in Melbourne so I could meet the founders. Well, I had an instant connection and it just felt right...that was important to me. I signed up for three of my books to be published through them and my first is coming out now. I couldn't be happier and as a Scorpio, I know what I want. I have nothing but the utmost praise for their creative and professional approach to my book. I will recommend them to any new authors I come across. Blessings to you Lauren and Christie.

- Christina Richter

As a now published author with WLP, the journey has been fun and exciting; so much so that I'm repeating it all over again. Not only is WLP a successful business, they make you feel part of a family. Thank you Christie and Lauren. And thank you also to Amanda Schubert for her delightful illustrations.

- Linda Frankland

Linda Frankland | White Light Publishing
Karin Holmes | White Light Publishing

I couldn't think of a better publisher than White Light Publishing. Their expertise, knowledge and patience matches no other. They 'get' what we as authors go through and treat our work with the utmost respect. I felt so well supported throughout my journey, I can't wait to do it all over again.


- Karin Holmes

I was lucky enough to be one of WLP's very first published authors! Since then, I have had other works published by this inspiring and growing company, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to any author who is wanting to birth their literary dreams. WLP has been incredibly supportive and professional, assisting me along my entire creative journey ~ and thanks to their ongoing consultation, the end result has always been exactly what I envisioned it would be. I can't thank them enough for their dedication and conscientiousness in producing the highest quality published materials, which reflects the fact they put their hearts and souls into every single step of the publishing process. Thank you WLP!


- Lani Sharp 

Lani Sharp | White Light Publishing
Raul Estevez | White Light Publishing

I would like to thank My Angels for bringing into my Life Christie Lyons and her team from White Light Publishing. Talk about angelic synchronization when I came across a post from a friend on Facebook taking about WLP. That very post sparked my curiosity to find out more about this publishing house. First white light was a clear sign from heaven giving my late mother's name was Blanca which means white in Spanish. 

I had a manuscript for quite a few years kept safely waiting to find the right publisher - one that would not charge me $10,000 for five chapters, one that at its core had the value of helping writers achieve their dream of bringing their gift onto the page with love care, compassion. 

I contacted Christie Lyons (Director/Editor/publisher) who from the first conversation we had, put my mind at ease by showing me how she could help me get my dream to come true, and it not costing me a fortune. She told me that she could organize installments to fit within my budget and once that total amount was paid, the book would be published!

Christie Lyons became my guiding light by supporting me, believing in my work and allowing me to present my message in a beautiful and professional way with her great love and compassion and on point editing. My first book, "My Angels-Connections" turned from a wonderful dream into a magnificent reality, due to Christie and her team believing in me and my work.


To anyone wanting to become published, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Christie and her team. Allow them to become your guiding light; you'll be glad you did. You will receive great support every step of the way and they will always have your best interests at heart. Thank you Christie and the WLP team for all your love and support. I am looking forward to my next book launch!

- Raul Estevez

I would never consider another publishing company other than White Light Publishing. My experience so far is filled with the utmost respect gratitude and love and can honestly say they have the same for us authors.

- Jonathan Wolf

Jonathan Wolf | White Light Publishing
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