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Lani Sharp

Lani is a mother, published author of 15 books, an astrologer with 33 years experience, tarot expert, healer, crystal therapist, teacher of esoteric subjects, passionate spell-caster, ardent dream believer, lightworker & eternal student of magic, whose spiritual home is in the beautiful tropical north of Australia.

She is an accredited member of the World Metaphysical Association, and a member of the Australian Astrologers Federation & Victorian Federation of Astrologers. Her greatest passions are writing, astrology, reading, esoteric studies, spiritual evolution, personal development & weaving magical spells on behalf of herself & others, using the powers of pure belief, faith, crystals, the cosmos & the Universe.

Lani wholeheartedly believes that the power of the written word has the potential to transform lives, change the world one page at a time & enhance the mind, body & spirit of everyone who desires it, by creating a sense of deep, timeless & enduring magic.
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