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Sonia Crystella

Sonia Crystella was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia in the early 80’s, returning in recent years to be near her son and daughter-in-law in Queensland. Sonia spent a large part of her life as a fashion designer. She has a published book on health and aging and is currently writing the 3rd edition. Sonia also loves ghostwriting for others.

She has lived the holistic path for over 40 years. Being born sick; her earlier life was full of health issues, and being bedridden was a normal part of her childhood. As a teenager Sonia had 2 NDE experiences, this led to her studying the Body Mind Soul connection. Sonia has meditated and been eating clean since she was 21 years old and is a member of The Australian Epigenetics Alliance, AEpiA.

She has spent much of her time in the USA and is continually researching ways to heal and rejuvenate the body naturally.

First married at 18 years old; her three marriages and life’s many upheavals gave her extensive experience in relationship issues and the emotional turmoil that humanity goes through when LOVE is not there to support them.

Through motivational speaking, she is helping others to love their body and to believe in themselves; along with taking care of the planet. After all, it is only through love that humanity will move forward and heal.

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