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De-cluttering ~ Giving yourself a Spiritual Enema

Yesterday, upon an inner 'prompting' and spiritual 'calling', I began channelling my Scorpio North Node to assist me along my soul's evolutionary journey (which is what the North Node signifies). Scorpio is a powerful energy to work with, and I decided the first stage of the process would be elimination … that is, eliminating or getting rid of 'things' that no longer serve me. I went into a frenzy and cleared out everything that was not beautiful, purposeful, useful or sentimental to me in any way. And wow, did it feel great! Not only did I create more physical space, I created more mental space so that I could think clearer. It's amazing what a good clean-out can do for your spirit.

It's interesting to know that one of the first things that happens if you are admitted to a hospital in some parts of the world, is that you are given an enema. This is because many medical professionals understand that the body's natural ability to heal itself is greatly enhanced if the eliminatory channels are clear. The medical staff apply an enema in order to flush waste out of the patient's system. This makes a sound analogy for clutter of the mind, spirit or physical space in which you dwell - clear the channels to facilitate healing, flow and an easier opening for which good can come pouring into your life.

It's a funny thing about humans, we are always sending out flaring flames of desire: "I want this," "I wish for that," "I desire this in my life," "I want that thing to come to me" … but we often fail to realise that to draw our desires towards us, we must clear a space for it. Where will it 'fit' in your life if you haven't created spiritual or literal room for it? So I heaved half my possessions down the stairs, out the door and to the Op Shop (who'll make a tidy profit - what goes around comes around, after all).

What are you asking for? Have you created a space for it to come into your life? How can you ask for a new lover when you sleep across the whole bed? How can money be drawn to you if your purse needs a major clean-out or its stitching is falling apart (symbolically money will slip right through it)? How can you attract new carpets if you haven't ripped up the old, raggy ones already?

A powerful story which demonstrates the power of clearing your space is that of a friend of mine who hated her blinds and longed for new ones. She had a friend who would visit and every time this friend visited, my friend would tell him about wanting new blinds. Finally, one day the guest suggested to her that she should remove the offending blinds to enable room for new ones to materialise. "How can you attract new blinds if the Universe can clearly see you already have perfectly functional ones already hanging there? Clear the way!" My friend retorted, "But then I will have no blinds covering my windows and I will feel exposed and the whole world will be able to see in, and …" Her guest stopped her: "Once you take them down, your feeling of vulnerability will create the need for new ones - and fast! They will appear. Just trust that it will be taken care of." And so my friend took the blinds down, piled them in a heap and sighed at her new, exposed lounge room. Two days later, a catalogue arrived in her mail - 50 per cent off all blinds at the local haberdashery store, plus a bonus, limited-time free installation. Everything came together even more fully when my friend received an unexpected cheque in the mail for the exact amount the blinds were worth. This was her sign. Within three days of clearing a space to create a path for the desired thing to come into her life, she had new blinds at a discount price - and put up for her - at no cost to her whatsoever. It all balanced out perfectly, as is always the Universe's plan for us if we would just get out of the way!

What are you making space for in your life today? De-cluttering allows for manifestation to occur effortlessly. Clear the channels, unblock your Path, and get ready to receive!

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