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Are You Ready? Unlock the Keys to Author Marketing in 2024

You can never market early enough in your book or cards journey.

Did I mention you can never start marketing your idea early enough.

Even before that book is a book idea, and was a thing that just wouldn’t leave you alone (hint hint when this happens it means it is absolutely needed in the world). Maybe it was a post and you decided to expand on it as you had so much more to say. Or a random idea that has been in one of your many notebooks, collecting dust.

It is never too early to start.

author holding an oracle deck

Why do we want to start early, when we don’t even know what the cover is going to look like. Maybe all the words are not there yet. Maybe it is still just a budding seed rather than a fully formed idea.

Because we want to bring our audience along for the ride! We want them to be excited and ready to buy your thing as soon as it hits the shelves. We want them to feel invested because they have seen the book/cards from idea conception to reality. We even want to involve them in some decisions to make them feel a part of the creation.

So what are some ideas to bring our audience along for the ride?

Ask their opinions on things – Whether it is asking about the cover, the font, the embellishments you are thinking of using. What would they like to see in a book about XX topic. There are a million questions you can ask them. Even involving them in what to put on your desk, do they also write/read in these kind of spaces. The sky is the limit on what you can involve your audience is in.

Show the writing process – Where you like to sit to do it. Do you use paper and pen or a laptop. What does research look like. Do you channel some of the book and what does that process look like? Do you do a brain dump – show them it!

What does your creation station look like?

An author researching for social media



Post it's everywhere

Tidy? Messy?


Create quote posts on the writing you have already done or small posts to get their interest piqued. You don’t have to give them everything but give them enough to make them go – hooly dooly I cannot wait to read that. If it is a healing modality or similar – give them enough for them to have a aha moment.

This is just to start and I will start elaborating on these more if you would like to, leave a comment below if you would like more tips and tricks like this and let me know which one you are going to do after reading this!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

A woman walking her spiritual path


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