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Have you been giving your all?

By giving your ALL, what I mean is ‘Acts (of) Loving Light’. 

When was the last time you showed your own integrity to the world? What are your values and morals? We all have them and we all need to review them from time to time. As fellow lightworkers, we have a Divine duty to shine light onto this beautiful world, even though our world can be filled with much negativity. There’s war, hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, famine, various diseases and illnesses, homelessness, addictions, greed, jealousy, envy and hostility. Plus, I’m sure there is more you can think of off the top of your head. With ALL, we can share more kindness and more compassion with one another. Through one simple small act of loving light; of loving thought – it simply can change someone’s day. Okay, so perhaps we can’t change the world with one act, but with very simple acts of loving light – little differences can bring about big change. So be kind, be compassionate and be the loving light that you are. As mentioned above, little things can make all the difference to someone’s life for that minute, that hour or that day. It is truly a positive and miraculous feeling to have. Lightworkers, it’s time to give your ALL. We need you. Time to bring out your Acts of Loving Light! Elizabeth Inglis

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