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Energies, Vibrations, the Physical & the Psyche

I've been in a tail-spin in recent days, having gone from one extreme to another in a matter of days. The encounters individually could be held responsible for the energetic shifts - perhaps a little divine intervention and some cosmic decoding and downloading - but I feel amazing. Clearer than I have been in years, possibly ever. Energetically, I am feeling everything - people's energy, vibrations, telling the difference between my own new-found high frequency and other's... well, that has been a process. Now you're curious, right?

Buckle up and proceed...

Before last week, I was on a roller coaster of deep-seeded melancholy for a long while. Although I always try my best to seek the light in the dark, I'll admit I had succumbed to a state of numbness; a state where I could get by with a smile; I could get shit done, but I wasn't at all my true self. I was experiencing grief, disguised as anger and irritability. The illusion of discontentment and disconnection from Source, disguised as frustration and anxiety. I was forced into a shady corner with my shadow self, to stare her in the face and ask, "so, what's your problem, woman?"

I gave her a voice; that dark side of me who was beginning to show through. I assessed each issue and tried to find what the lesson was for me to learn. I tried to reason with my inner darkness and negotiated my way to a place of self-love...finally. I realised that... I love myself! I love me enough to put myself at the top of the priority list, (well, at least in the top three!)

In doing so, I found I needed to set healthy boundaries with those who my shadow self was convinced were taking advantage of me. The shadow sulked with a victim mentality. Setting these boundaries was usually a difficult task for me, but now that I have, I feel empowered and well, productive...functional. Dah...why didn't I do this sooner?

I thought it was about time for some self-care; time for me to get my shit together - to start trying to feel better in attempt to be the best parent I could be. I booked in to a chiropractor that both of my children have benefited from over the last twelve months, to see if there was a magic solution to my recurring neck soreness, chronic tension and general feeling of being a young woman in an old body.

After one adjustment that's a non-invasive, natural procedure, I felt instant results. Movement. Relief. Freedom. But most profoundly and unexpectedly, I felt an instant surge of energy going right through my body. A vibration and an electricity that I can't even describe with words. Everything from that moment on became a process of elimination and illumination. The law of attraction seemed instantaneous; chance encounters, divine guidance as clear as ever. Sensitivity to energy - amplified.

That also meant that the shadow-self reared her grumpy head again as often as possible, but the turnaround time for negotiations with her were sharp and snappy, and right to the point. The process of addressing the blockages I have, (lovingly giving them a voice, seeing the lessons, and releasing what no longer serves my highest good) has become as simple as deciding what to have for dinner. All of my baggage is coming to the surface, because I have no use for it. And I'm cleaning house! Each time I shift something useless out, I make room for something uplifting, something magical, something inspiring. Pretty cool, right?

Everyone around me noticed the electricity in me. I was elated, buzzing. I had endless energy and excitement and when I finally went to bed I would wake in a happy daze. I could feel an electric current running through me, and I wasn't even pissed off that it woke me up! (I have since been informed by Spirit that I have been receiving DNA upgrades, and such a process requires a break during downloads.)

A few days of this, and I was thinking,"this is amazing, I feel awesome". There was one trip to the supermarket with the kids in the school holidays. BANG. Knocked me for six. Sensory overload. Extreme tiredness ensued. Someone had turned the dial way up on my sensitivity and clairsentience. Time to shield a little! After another adjustment, I'm happy to say I'm back to the electric state of awesomeness! But, so much information is coming through from Spirit in different ways to what I am used to, that I have been thwart onto a path I have never stepped foot on before. It's pushing my boundaries and testing my faith - and it's wonderful!

My guidance has directed me to look closer at the link between physical alignment and energetic alignment; "The Union of Spirit and Science". In order to teach and counsel people in future, I will first need to experience these things, even if they aren't what they seem at first. There will be an 'aha' moment after every setback! They say, "stay the course, you'll see", and do you know what? I am letting them take the wheel. The Universe has got me, and I am listening.

So, what came first? The chicken or the egg? Were my emotional blockages manifesting as physical symptoms or the physical symptoms causing some energetic stagnation? Was it my psychological debriefing and analysis that led to self-love, manifesting in the action to get a physical alignment and adjustment? Or, was it divine guidance to try something new that was sure to get me back to my mission of lightwork and healing?

This my friends, I am sure to find out, and I will be sure to update you along the way.

Mind, body, spirit... never has this meant so much to me in my life.

I share this with love...and I encourage you - have a chat with your shadow self, give her/him a voice, find out what their deal is, and wake yourself up to self-love and the infinite possibilities that await you!

Angel Wing

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