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Winds of Change

Right now, there are many of us are wanting change in our lives. Some of us don’t know exactly what the change is that we are wanting to move into, what it might look like and feel like. We may have an idea of which areas we are wanting change in, but not clear on the fine details of what we are wanting to move into or the direction to take.

Acknowledge which areas you are wanting change in. Leave the rest to the Universe to sort out the finer details. Ask God, the Universe or Angels for something better for the highest good of all concerned. Spend time meditating and connecting to your higher self and see what thoughts and ideas come through to action on.

When we are wanting change, we can feel frustrated that the change we are wanting isn’t coming through. Life has ebbs and flows. If we look at nature and the change of seasons, we know that nothing stays the same. This is the same for our own lives. A tree will bud leaves in spring and grow leaves for summer. In Autumn the leaves slowly change colour, drop and blow into the wind, landing wherever the wind carries it. In winter the tree is bare. Its energy goes within. When Spring arrives, it begins to bud new leaves.

A tree has to wait for the season to move through its changes. The tree needs to wait for the energy of spring to start budding it’s leaves. It is the same for us; we have to wait for our energy to be in alignment with what we are wanting. The energy of others around us needs to be in alignment with what we are wanting. It is like a big jigsaw puzzle where the pieces need to fit together. We cannot force a square peg into a round hole. We cannot force the changes that we are wanting. If we push, fixated on one way the change should be, we push other opportunities further away.

When we are feeling frustrated from not seeing the changes we are wanting, our physical body tenses up. The flow in our energy field stagnates and slows down our vibration. Our vibration lowers and what we are wanting slows down. If we trust in the Universe and the ebb and flow of life, we know nothing ever stays the same. It is in this knowing that we can relax and let our energy relax and flow. Opportunities that are right for us as individuals will present themselves. If we push and try to push changes to happen; in my experience we end up in a situation that isn’t quite right for us as an individual.

To bring in change we can action the experiences that are currently in front of us. Moment by moment actioning an opportunity, task or idea that can be investigated further. Discerning what is right for us. We can monitor our thoughts and change how we react in a situation. Have compassion for yourself and others, understanding that everyone’s actions are from their own individual perspective and experiences. What we perceive as a negative, we can turn it into a positive with our thoughts.

Set your boundaries of what your expectations are, knowing you are deserving and worthy of what you are wanting. Having a healthy relationship with ourselves and then others. Set the standard and tone of what your expectations are. Treat yourself this way and what is around you will change. It may take time; changes will filter through. Our energy will change to be in alignment with what we are wanting; bringing in the experiences and opportunities.

Live in the moment, actioning every opportunity that presents itself to grow, learn and experience. Take time to celebrate our successes. Trust in the flow of life and know that like a leaf, the winds of change will come through taking us on a journey, trusting that we will end up at the exactly the right place for our individual learning.

Danielle Renee

Holistic Therapist – Writer

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