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A weekend with my ancestors

I’m going to be honest here and tell you all one of the lessons that I’m still trying to learn. And, I’m well aware that even though I often remind people to do this for themselves, I am still yet to be able to do it for myself - not properly anyway. One thing that I just can’t seem to master, no matter how hard I try, is to give myself permission take a guilt-free break - with the key word here being guilt-free. Every now and then I’ll take a couple of hours off during the day to have a nap (coz I’m exhausted), or I’ll read a few chapters of a book (that I’m not editing) but even then, I still find myself feeling guilty because I could be doing something on my massive list of things to do instead. As you all know, I run White Light with my beautiful Mum (who bless her - works around the clock - thank God I have her) and it is growing rapidly every day. I’m also a single Mumma to three amazing children who are 15, 4 and 3, so of course, you can just imagine how little chance I get to just ‘be’.

Since I started writing my book, I’ve felt very much drawn to the area that so many of my ancestors lived - and have felt such an intense push for the past week to get away. Away from home, away from work; just somewhere I can truly relax and connect with myself again. So (you’ll be proud of me here), I’ve booked myself what I call a ‘weekend with my ancestors’. Whether this was my decision, or I was not so gently pushed to do this by spirit, I don’t know (perhaps it’s a bit of both), but for me, this has turned into something that’s way more meaningful than just having a break. This coming weekend, while my babies are with their Dad, I’ll be taking my laptop (because there’s no doubt I’ll be writing) and heading to the town where I know I’ll be inspired to connect with not only myself, but the many, many women who have lived before me. I’m even staying in an old miner’s cottage from the era (the 1880’s) when the ancestors in particular I’ve been connecting with lived. To say I’m excited is an understatement. And with the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse this Friday night, this is sure to be a significant weekend for me. The best thing is - there’s zero guilt. I know that I need this, I deserve this, and that even though I’ll be writing (which is technically work, I guess), this weekend will be for me. Christie Welsh  

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