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Are you hanging on to resentment from past issues, chats - you know pretty much everything?


Are you finding it is holding you back?


Welcome to Bye Bye Resentment, An Angelically Channeled Recording designed to help you let go of the past, the resentment and start to forgive. It will begin the deep healing you need, but also highlight any areas you need to work on, acknowledge, forgive, let go of, for your continued growth and freedom. This makes it deep lasting and also gives you responsibility for your own success. This can help you heal in so many ways - you are the gatekeeper to just how much.​


It also turns on a beacon inside you that will draw opportunities to you , the right people – the sky is the limit on what it can offer if you are willing and ready.


If you are ready to take your healing and transformation to the next level…


Angelic Healing Meditations are a unique sound channelled from the angels. It is a blend of singing, words and sounds that is truly unique.

Bye Bye Resentment Healing Meditation


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