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Your Spiritual Health

By Christina Richter


Within each of us is a powerful energy which, when balanced provides your body, your mind, your soul alignment, balance and wholeness. 


Learn how our energy field (or aura) consists of seven layers. It is within the first four layers that most imbalances occur in a person's life. Consequently, this is where energy-based or spiritual healing work is usually done. Dis-ease starts in the energetic body first, which consists of a network of chakras within our energy field (or aura). Chakras are wheels of light that spin in our auric fields creating their own electromagnetic field which can be measured. This electromagnetic field also connects us to the universe and our own personal Astrology. 


Find out more about each of the 7 Chakras, a free Colour Meditation is included in the ebook which is designed to balance all your Chakras. You will also learn the Chakras related to Your Astrological Birth Chart. 


Find out more about Christina here:

Your Spiritual Health | Christina Richter

  • "When life or energy flows unimpeded and through right direction to its precipitation (the related gland), then the form responds, and ill health disappears" Esoteric Healing, Law V11, Alice A Bailey.

    🌈 Free Colour Meditation Included in Ebook 

    ☪️Learn which Chakras are related to your starsign 

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