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To achieve your dreams and goals, you need to put some drive and energy behind your dreams and ambitions.

Sitting back and waiting, isn’t going to produce any results. You need to show the Universe your commitment to your goals by taking action. Putting action into your dream or goal will produce results. It won’t be overnight and it may take years of commitment. However long it takes, it is a journey to be enjoyed. Don’t just look at the end result. If you don’t stop to smell the roses and enjoy each moment to the fullest, your destination may not feel the way you thought it would. It may be a feeling of relief, or a feeling of being burnt out and disappointed. There is always a beginning and an end. Enjoy the process in the moment and the rich learning the journey brings to you. Be open to what experiences come to you and enjoy them for what they are. To keep momentum going, you need to be excited about what you are doing. The energy you put in, along with the passion, enthusiasm and excitement can be felt by others around you. A mentor of mine once said, “If what you put in is half hearted, the result you receive is half hearted”. When we put 100% into something, we achieve a result. It is okay to change the dream or goal and redefine it as you go. Nothing ever stays the same. You never know exactly what it is that you want without trying. When you have an idea or a dream, you need to have faith in yourself and trust that everything is going to be okay. Follow the creative fire and urge you are feeling to go and do it. Work towards what you want one step at a time. The outcome may be exactly what you want, or something even better that you never thought possible could present itself. I can remember quite a few years ago, I had started my day completing an activity that I enjoyed doing and was feeling fantastic. My whole being was full of joy and happiness doing something I love. This emanated out from my core of my being; from my soul. When I was finished, I then continued on with my day. Everywhere I went, I noticed people stopped and looked at me with a curiosity and a smile. I later reflected on my experience and wondered what people noticed about me.

Later that day, I thought about how I had started my day, and realised that if you do something you truly love, people sense something different about you. What did they notice that was unseen? When we follow our dreams, ideas or thoughts at that point in time, it brings us happiness and joy. This emanates out like an inner glow from deep within our soul. I believe that this is what was being noticed by others on this particular day. People may not have recognised this themselves on a thinking level, but their higher self or soul did. Next time you do an activity you enjoy, notice how full of energy you feel while doing the activity, and how you feel afterwards. For me, I am in a happy place full of joy and excitement. I feel whole and am at complete peace. I surrender to the process, and immerse myself in the activity, following my intuition in that moment. I step out of my mind and the thinking, and let the project evolve. For 2018, make it a commitment to do more of what you love – even for 30 minutes a day or 30 minutes once a week. Make time for yourself where you can. Notice how you feel and what changes around you. Make a commitment to put some goals in place of what you would like to achieve, and put some action steps behind it. If the action steps don’t work, keep trying. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, enjoy the process and the journey. Danielle Renee Holistic Therapist – Writer Visit Danielle's website here

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