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Self-Publishing in 2024 - What you need to know 💡

books and why to self-publish

There is always the question of ‘To self-publish or try to go Traditional’, and while there is no right or wrong answer… let me give you my answer, as an author first and foremost…

Now the difference between the two is Self-Publishing you pay for. Traditional you get a contract and do not need to pay.

So why did I choose to go the self-publishing route when I could get a contract and not have to pay??

Great question…

Firstly – I wanted my book, my way. Yes with guidance and assistance and how what about this for an idea, but I wanted the final answer on everything. Going traditional felt like I was handing over my baby without being able to be its mum anymore. And that was not something I wanted to do. My book knew exactly how it wanted to look and feel and I didn’t want someone else making those decisions or thinking differently to me and my book not feeling how it should anymore.

Secondly – I wanted the higher royalties from day dot. Getting to keep 85% of what my book was selling at was a no brainer for me as I knew that going the traditional route, I would be lucky to see anything at all, depending on the way they structured it. Some you didn’t get anything till you covered your books costs. Some were at around 15%. Again these were just some of the things I was seeing at the time and not dead set in concrete.

Thirdly – I didn’t want to be subjected to the rejection. Full stop. If you have quite a big name and following then of course it is going to be easier to get those contracts but for little old me that just knew there was books inside of her that needed to be brought to the world, I didn’t want to deal with the rejections of ‘It’s just not for us’.

Fourthly - I wanted to retain ALLLLLLLL the rights to my books. I want them to stay mine full stop for ever and ever.

So I went the self publishing route and for me, White Light was a no brainer as it was everything I lived my life by and suited my book genre perfectly.

It was a beautiful symbiotic relationship to get my book exactly how it wanted to feel.

I felt like I joined a family rather than going it alone, or with a big publisher that was just interested in recouping their losses and what they spent on your book rather than being a family member.

I have published two books already with White Light and have many more in the pipeline, especially now that I am the owner (insert mwah hahaha laughter here).

I would never look back and do my books any other way now.

Hope this helps with your thoughts on which way to publish.

If you have any questions – feel free to reach out and ask them and I will answer honestly.

Till next time… Keep walking your spiritual path and a little gift for you my free Morning Wake Up With Gratitude And Grounding Mediation 🎁

Julia xx


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