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Incredible Results Await When You Follow Your Intuition and Trust the Writing Process.

It doesn’t have to look how you think it needs too.

Ooft this can be a really hard one to swallow when you want it a certain way but the idea is just not wanting to follow your logic.

For example…. You may have always known you were going to write a book, about your life and all that you have learned and grown through…

But it feels too big right? Where do you start? How much do you disclose? But I’m still going through things that people need to know about.

It can be huge without a clear way through the muddiness…

But maybe that muddiness is there for a reason… Mhmmm. Maybe it is meant to start as small blogs or posts.

Maybe it is not even the book you are meant to start with.

I remember I always had this feeling. Book book book book book would keep coming up numerous times – from my own intuition, from just my mind when I was daydreaming, and even from others in conversation and readings.

It felt like a massive undertaking though. It didn’t feel clear and still doesn’t to be honest. There was just never enough momentum to start, brainstorm – or do anything but have this generalised idea of this will one day happen.

So I sidelined it. I have left it in my ideas spot and let whatever else needed to marinate do so.

And in the world of technology. Blogs and social media posts have formed. The ideas of other books have formed.

When I let go of the how I needed it to look and what it had to be and when… other things germinated.

Angelical Wisdoms was created. It was screaming to come out into the world. It was a couple of social media posts when I got the nudge that it needed to be more. It needed to be together, it needed to be sacred.

At that time it was a couple of messages. But when I got that screaming in my face “GO DO THIS” off I toddled and wrote all 80 plus messages in two sittings totaling 30 minutes.

It became that EASY. When I let go of the notion that I knew how it had to be. When I had no clue, I was simply following spirit and my intuitive nudges.

Same as Animal Wisdoms. At first, they were daily social media posts. I would sit down and invite what animal wanted to come into my space and impart their wisdom. It was a trip to see their own unique personalities and sayings. It was never meant to be more than a nice daily message for those that needed to hear it. Till I got the call of more. It needs to be more. It is next in the series after Angelical Wisdoms.

But something was holding me back from progressing. Gee, I literally had all the messages right there. Literally 90 plus of them. Just waiting on their book so they could be devoured in the setting they wanted for it.

Still, something wasn’t sitting right. And it was only after the passing of my first-ever pooch Tex that it finally clicked into place. He had to be in the book to make it that little bit extra. He wanted his own wisdoms in there and this was the vessel to do it with. He also needed to be a part of the cover.

So sitting in my grief of our traumatic experience with Tex. I channeled his Texinisms that you find sprinkled amongst the book. And it is magical and so right.

But if I had of pushed because hey this is how it should be… that magic would never be there. Part of my soul and Tex's would never have ended up in that book and it would have been totally different.

So rather than ruminating on how you think it should look.

Step back and out.

Allow yourself to be guided by the nudges of your own soul and spirit.

Yes, that book will come to pass when it is meant to. But make way for other magical ideas to light the way too.

Julia xxx


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