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To 'go with the flow' through life is a phrase that is used so loosely at times. What does it really mean to me? In the past to flow through life meant to take things as they come. Take every piece of it in the face. To go with the flow caused me to be at other's disposal. Wait until they were ready to do something, see me, talk to me, hire me, return my call etc.

This 'flow' thing has so many meanings. It is also used to please the one person. How can this 'flow' mean the same thing for others? This is where it can become a little distorted. Does this 'flow' have hidden conditions? Does this 'flow' have an agenda?

'Going with the flow' it can also be a selfish thing if you just keep moving forward through your life and knock those that love you out the way. There is nothing wrong with 'going with the flow' if you are considerate of those that are truly there for you. Ask yourself, 'do my actions of 'going with this flow' affect them? If your answer is 'I don't know' or 'yes', personally, i feel that it is time to set aside some time with these people and acknowledge how it is taking a part in their lives. A suggestion would be to think of it like this ' How would I feel If they were doing this to me?' or How would I respond to their way of 'flowing' through life that affects me too?'

I am all for letting things happen, however, I am also cautious as to how and who my actions will be affecting. In particular, those I love. This is only a quick summary of my thoughts of 'going with the flow'.

Spiritual Aspects

As a Devotional Faith Mentor, I guide those who reach out searching for direction and clarification on the 'why's & how's' of their lives.

We are human in a society that is consumed with so many unnecessary pressures/stress stemming from emotional, physical and the most challenging being HEALTH.

"Waves" - artwork by Rosa Carrafa

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