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My experience with self healing

The other night, I developed a pain between my shoulder blades - when in fact I was doing very little - just resting and watching some TV on the couch. The pain just came out of nowhere. As time progressed, I was getting more and more uncomfortable and asked my daughter if she would pummel me between the shoulder blades to try to alleviate the pain.

This had worked in the past, but it didn't this particular time and the pain was progressively getting worse. Within a couple of hours, the pain had appeared to move and it felt like something was trapped behind my left shoulder blade. I had not done anything physical, nor lifted anything heavy, and really didn’t feel that it could in any way be muscular of nature, but being the area it was, I was still concerned. Following this, the pain moved around to under my armpit and to the side of my left breast, but it was still contained to my left side.

Nothing was giving me any relief. I tried paracetamol and ibuprofen. I tried sitting with a heat pack. My daughter rubbed me with Dencorub; nothing worked. The pain did not ease up at all. I had two sleepless nights as I just couldn’t find a comfortable position with this never ending pain, and I have to say, even though the pain was in my back, the intensity was strong. I pride myself on having quite a strong pain threshold, but this pain was really getting to me, as was the lack of sleep.

I am aware the left side of my body is the feminine side and relevant to the females in my life. Being it was in the back of the heart area, my own reasoning was that it was something to do emotionally with my heart. Perhaps something was being brought to the surface to be healed. In all my discomfort, I tried to figure out whether I could relate it back to anything that had recently happened with my daughter or my mother, through my emotions or mindset.

Strangely enough, I’d had an argument with my daughter soon after waking on Monday morning; the day prior. Being a person who dislikes arguments and confrontation, this really set the precedent for my day and whilst the argument was trivial, it still left me feeling quite down for the rest of the day.

In relation to my mother, I had certainly been dealing with a lot, following the recent passing of my Dad. I have taken on a lot of responsibility there, in trying to alleviate my mother's stress with bills, etc. I have felt a fair share of frustration trying to deal with it all, but Mum and I share a loving, close relationship, so I have tried to keep a lid on this, so as not to hurt her feelings. I am however, aware that when you don’t express your feelings, but rather stifle them and push them down, that this is the very thing that will put illness in your body, and I strongly felt I’d done just that and that this is what the pain was relevant to.

Being in the area it was, and that I’m soon to be turning 51, I felt that this pain that would not go away needed to be checked out by a doctor. Whilst I had my own theories, I couldn't ignore this type of pain and as a single Mum, I could not let it go, so on Thursday - still in a lot of discomfort - I made a doctors’ appointment to have it checked out.

In the morning, my masseuse and dear friend had seen a post on Facebook and whilst she’s my masseuse, she has an innate ability to read my body very well. She’d mentioned that what she was getting was emotional stuff relating to my heart. So much has gone on in my world around my heart in the past few months. Soon after, she called me to discuss things further and suggested I get out pen and paper and with my left hand (being the pain was on my left side) write down how I was feeling in regards to my mother and daughter, as she really felt it was mother/daughter issues that needed to be addressed. She asked me to be brutally honest with myself and talk about my current feelings. Then and there, I knew it was going to be a very emotional exercise but knew it would give me the necessary healing, and quite simply, I just never doubted what my friend was saying, but agreed with her wholeheartedly. So, I did exactly what she had suggested.

In the interim, I took myself off to the doctors who gave me an ECG (it was normal), checked my heart rate (again, normal), took my blood pressure that was high at 173/107, but the nurse stated this it was normal when someone is in a lot of pain. She even checked the reading three times, just to be sure.

Heading back to the doctor for the report, I was told the above results, given a script for pain relief, and told that if the pain had not subsided within a week, to go back to the doctor for further tests, where they would most likely send me for a CT scan of the chest. My doctor told me this involved a lot of radiation, so wasn’t keen to send me unless it was absolutely necessary. I was told I could take up to two painkillers a day, but to only take them for a week and stop. I took painkillers that evening, but I have not needed any further pain relief as the pain has gone completely. The following morning - the day after I did my friend's little exercise - it just stopped.

For my age, of course it was vital I get this pain checked out. Pain is never to be ignored and is your body’s natural way of letting you know something is not right. Doing this emotional exercise allowed me to bring to the surface how I was feeling in relation to the females in my life, and in doing so, it released, and thereby healed me.

This is proof that doing a little further investigation and deeper digging for the underlying issue, you can and will heal yourself. You just need to be aware and you need to search for the answers. It doesn’t always have to be a pill that fixes us, and more often than not, these pills mask the problem and just allow you to feel better in the moment. I believe if emotional issues are not addressed, not only will they manifest as disease or pain in the body, they will keep reappearing until they are dealt with.

This past week was confirmation for me, and further proof that I am on the right track in my thinking. Obviously, you have to have a fairly intimate relationship with yourself and know your body well for you to be able to experience something like this, but I promise, if you have the desire to heal your own body and do things the natural way, you won’t be disappointed and your body will thank you for it.

Ros Sharp

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