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5 things to do before the end of the year (Part Three) #bettermeproject

It’s likely you’ve now got a fairly good idea about any changes you need to make in your life by now, and if you’ve already begun making them, awesome stuff! I’m hoping that you’re also seeing yourself more clearly, and are feeling that spark within you igniting into something much bigger and more powerful than you’ve felt in a long time. Part three is all about learning from what we’ve done in the past two exercises, so get ready for some ‘aha’ moments now. If you’ve missed parts one and two, that’s okay. You can start this whenever you feel like it and can find them here: So, here we go with exercise three... 3. Learn and learn some more This third exercise is about going a little deeper now, and finding out what you have learned about yourself (and life, really) from your experiences. We’ll also look at extracting the learning from the past few weeks, because after all, it’s important that you’re able to do this again in future for yourself. What use is going through all of this, only to be confused at the end of it? We want to take as much as we can from this project, and be fully prepared for what comes next, don’t we?

You've probably already begun to learn quite a bit about yourself through the past two exercises, and that's wonderful. But, let's think of the 'bigger picture' now. Let's stick our heads down and our bums up, and learn some more about ourselves, shall we?

Question time! As always, be honest, be thorough, and leave no stone unturned. Once you've answered these questions, you should have a much better idea of the purpose of your past experiences, why you chose to plan them in this lifetime, and how best to move forward with what you have learned. What recurring pattern have I had in my life? 

Is there a particular issue that keeps coming up for me?

Are there certain people that I always seem to attract into my life?

In which areas of my life do I always tend to become frustrated with?

What emotions am I feeling now that are all too familiar to me?

What are three main strengths that I've gained from the above? How have I grown through these experiences?

Who have I been able to help (other than myself)?

What do I need to take responsibility for?

What will I hold onto so that it can help me in my journey moving forward?

The final two exercises will shared each fortnight between now and Christmas. As always, feel free to email  me or contact me on Facebook  with your own updates. Share your progress on social media using the hashtag #bettermeproject and you may just inspire others to join us! Let’s change our lives - together. You’ve got this. Christie  xoxo

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