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Procrastination! Transforming into Positive Action

As I sit here with Spirit this afternoon, I am drawn to share some insights with you around one of the most common self-sabotage patterns that you might be engaging in; whether in your relationships, business, finances, creative projects or even with your health and fitness... procrastination!

Most of you will have heard of the Law of Attraction, right? Where the thoughts and words that you use in your everyday life either support you in creating or manifesting what it is that you want to achieve, or they hold you back, stuck in old beliefs which limit your potential to move forward. Did you realise that the actions you take everyday also send a message out to the Universe to either support and move you towards what you want, or move you in a different and sometimes completely opposite direction? When you are wanting to create and manifest your goals and desires, it is essential that the actions you take fully support, are aligned with and are a vibrational or energetic match to what it is that you are asking to have appear in your world. Now, if your actions are positive, high vibrational and aligned with your goal and desires, then it is very simple for the Universe to support you with manifesting as it has no option but to bring you what it is that you are asking for.

Where does 'procrastination' come in, you ask? Well, if the actions you take in attempting to achieve your goals and desires are negative, low vibrational or not aligned, they can essentially be described as self-sabotaging behaviours, which is exactly what 'procrastination' is. Procrastination essentially has an emotional basis and is really about irrationally delaying taking actions towards your goals and intentions because you don't feel like or are not motivated to take the actions, so you put them off until tomorrow or a later date, which may or may not ever arrive. I am sure most of you have experienced at some point in your life that feeling where you just are not interested, motivated or enthusiastic about a particular task or action so you place it down the bottom of the list of importance, and put other tasks or actions you do enjoy as a higher priority... that is procrastination at work!

Now obviously, if you put-off, delay or simply do not take action at all, then this can result in more obstacles, challenges and often new, larger problems being created, which end up hindering your ability to achieve what it is that you are wanting, as well as potentially unsettling some of your relationships along the way. What can you do about any pattern of procrastination to transform it into positive action, you ask? Well, below are some really simple ways you can begin to take action and overcome procrastination so you get aligned with your goals and intentions:

  • Review & analyse: It is important to review and analyse the tasks and actions you need to take in order to successfully achieve your goals and intentions, because it will give you more confidence and it will be easier to move forward once you understand what is needed. To help with this, you can ask yourself some questions: 'What do you need to do?', 'What steps need to be taken to get it done?', 'How does it contribute to your long term goals?', 'Why do you have an issue with it?', 'How could you successfully complete it?', 'Are there other tasks that need to be deleted to create space?', 'Can you delegate some tasks or actions to someone else?', 'Do you need to ask for help/advice?', 'Can you just do it?'

  • Manage your time: Set up a schedule or regular routine where you are able to look at the tasks and actions you need to take each day and identify how much time is needed to complete them, setting deadlines for yourself and committing to meeting them. This will help you to remain focused on the actions needed, to move you towards your goals and desires and remove potential distractions as necessary.

  • Break tasks down: Sometimes the tasks or actions you need to take may seem too big for you to cope with resulting in procrastination, when this happens break down the actions or tasks down into smaller more manageable pieces or steps, simplifying them so that you are not able to justify not doing them and remember to take one step at a time

  • Get moving: It is important to move your energy and vibration towards the completion of tasks, so get started with the actions and steps needed to create the momentum to successfully achieve your goals.

  • Be creative: Use your imagination, get out of your normal patterns and routines, get creative with the ways you can complete tasks and actions; making them more fun and joyful so you will actually want to take the steps.

  • Ask for support/help: If you feel overwhelmed, don't know how, or need additional skills to achieve your goals, then it is essential that you ask for help and seek support, that you are willing and open to learning how to take the steps, and that you spend time doing research if needed to find the help you need.

  • Reward yourself: The reward will be the successful achievement of your goals if you keep taking the smalls steps needed to get you there! On the way towards it and while you are building your momentum, it is important to allow yourself some rewards, to congratulate yourself for committing to doing what needs to be done.

Allow yourself to transform procrastination into, and shift into a new pattern of behaviour, which gets you into the flow and vibration of your desires. Remember to keep taking actions when the idea, strategy or energy presents itself, because that is the Universe letting you know that it is time to act! So, just do it!

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, International Medium & Channel, Twin Flame Connector, Spiritual Teacher and Author is available for Readings, Intuitive Coaching, Courses, Retreats and much more to reconnect you with loved ones who have passed as well as provide you with help and support to shift and transform any self-sabotage behaviours and create the momentum you need to successfully achieve your goals and desires. Email Leanne here.

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