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Life & Death - The Processors of Transition

Our physical body is our vehicle to life and living on this planet. Yes, you may have heard these words a million times, but it is a truth we must heed. A truth that can only be explained in a way at this time for us to understand. You see, it is all quite simple, life. So very simple. With a simile you light up your soul. With a breath, you fill up your being. That’s it. That is the simplicity of our life.

What happens on our journey and planet is that we complicate things with the thought process of how to understand it fully and completely. We really do not understand a lot completely, but we still accept it anyway. Like iCloud right? Where on earth is this cloud and how does it hold all my data! We cannot see the cloud, but we know it is holding our data! We accept it.

My point is that not all things are known on an intricate basis, but we accept its existence fully. So why is it so difficult to accept the fact that our soul or spirit never dies? That we live forever. The feeling within us, our spark is eternal? I think we have lots of evidence around us to show feel and know this is truth.

I have been led to the subject of life and death again, pondering the questions of our physicality for a while now, wanting to put it into words that make sense on paper. I love our physical bodies. Our existence on the planet. But over the last few years I have lost my spark inside. Lost the joy within. This started over the last few years with the loss of my two parents, then an uncle, then a good friend, a fur baby, a distant friend and relative and now just three weeks ago my beautiful niece. The question of processing life and death have been very present within my sphere recently.

The transition is a process. I like the word transition for it is what we truly do. Transition from physical to all-encompassing pure positive energy or non-physical. The word transition also includes those left on our planet facing a transition of a new way of living without the person in physical form. It covers each of us and every aspect of our experience.

The knowing within me, knows that without a doubt the transition from physical to non-physical is fundamentally and completely infinite life. Eternal. The humanness part of me, or the processor has grieved deeply. So deeply that I did not realise I had been pushing it away so hard it returned as anxiety and depression three years into this experience.

As a spiritual, all accepting, all encompassing, all knowing that life is eternal being, to grasp the loss of a loved one on this human experience was quite a jolt to the system. For in the pure positive energy of light, whom we truly are when we are not here, there is no loss. We are just pure magnificence. Existing and creating. So, when we come to the planet to play, the experience of loss can be so profound to our 3D senses as the belief pattern that this is all there is can be quite deep. Just our skin. Just what we see. For this is all we have known for so long and been shown. That is until we are shown otherwise. Death opens that door for us to explore and create the clarity for us. It can be a difficult process many of us have, especially if you ‘know’ we live forever.

Right now, we are going through GREAT TRANSITION in our world. Outside and inside. Galactically and Cellularly. Great change is occurring, and I know you see that, you know that, this is not news.

The key is to remember we are light and we do live forever. To ‘know’ that no matter what is happening, whatever you feel, it is okay. Grief, loss, sadness, despair, loneliness. It happens. We are too, human.

For we, here, right now, are the processors of this transition. Processing experiences in a new way for the new way. Moment by moment forever more and so on for eternity.

To process death in a new way is to create new experiences for those to follow. To know that physical death is truly a celebration of returning to pure light and freedom of spirit. A celebration. Some already say these words now at funerals yes, we do, but with heavy hearts. There will be a time where the true celebration will take place for we will know like never before that eternity is truth. That there never is loss, just change.

For a while there I was questioning my 3D to 5D ascension. All the stuff I have read, am I stuck in this 3D experience? Am I choosing to do things with pain? Am I not evolving what I truly know to be?

Well there is a yes and no answer to these questions. None of us are stuck in the 3D process. No matter where we are in our lives we will forever evolve and expand. It is different for all of us. We will forever be growing as evolution is natural law of the universe and no one gets left behind. It is happening regardless. The experiences that we are co-creating with others can be painful though and heavy if we choose to respond that way.

To remember that all our emotions are so valuable. To feel the grief or loss or sadness or whatever it is, is pure human feeling and that is okay. Sometimes to feel great love we must be shown great pain. I know, another cliche, but this is how it works at the moment. How we choose to take each step forward is up to us to decide. Some days you may wish to run and skip, and other days may just be a lay down in bed all day. Embracing the process of loss, death, change in our human lives is very unique, personal and perfect for who we are. It is a way to our true selves. Knowing ourselves even deeper. It may not be overnight, but the healing, the peace, the process is step by step, with no rush.

The point of life and living on earth is to feel and to feel fully. To feel joyful and have peace within are the feelings we want to hone in on and experience more of yes, but when our creative experience gives us death, it is okay to feel whatever it is you feel. For we are processors of the transition to the new. One foot in old and one in new, moving old processes for the new earth. The fifth.

It has now been nearly three years since the passing of my dad, the first of the eight people that chose to transition in my sphere at this time. The closest two people in my life my mum and dad plus the loss of those close to me over this time has been a crash course in death, in acceptance, in grief, in control, in love, in transition, in life. Never had I experienced death before, so this has been quite extraordinary.

These words are just really an offering of my own experience and an assurance to you that you are so loved and supported no matter what you may be feeling or experiencing. If we find small ways to reach for our smile and the joy within these are the moments that light our spark again. Some days will be harder than others and that is okay.

Know there will come a day that the true presence of peace will settle into your heart no matter what is happening around you now. ‘Know’ that this peace is yours.

‘Know’ that as you process death and loss in a new way, you are not just helping self but helping others. As we do for self we do for others. ‘Know’ that life is always changing, and you will always have support from God, Source, Divine. Love is always on our side. To connect with this true spirit is to smile, take a breath or hug a dear friend.

I have placed a few ideas that helped me through some tough days of grief, loss, anxiety and depression (and I only use these words to describe some of what I was feeling, as emotion is always transient, but here we are at this time using words such as these to express different things, so don’t get too caught up in the words). I am still in the process of processing and that is okay too, for that is where I am right now.

As with all my writings, they come from my truth and my knowing of all that is as I feel connection deeply. Remember you are the master of your creative life and whatever aligns with your spirit and lifts you is perfect for you, for we are all processing our experiences differently, for the same purpose.

Blessings. Love. Peace.

Angie xx

  • Sleep when you need to

  • Journal

  • Watch a funny movie

  • Smile

  • Create – paint, write, dance

  • Go for a walk

  • Sit in nature

  • Talk to a friend

  • Reach out to a healer

  • Cry, yell, scream, laugh – let it out

  • Meditate or just watch your breath for a few minutes a day

  • Disconnect from social media

  • Sustain your body with food, esp. when ultra-emotional (try avoiding sugar as it exacerbates lows)

  • Play some soft music

  • Light a candle

  • Talk to your animals or the trees

  • Drink lots of water

  • Do what you feel is right for you

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