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Authentic Manifestation

There is a lot written and spoken about in regards to manifestation and our thoughts creating our reality. The general concept is when we change our thoughts by focusing our thoughts using various tools such as affirmations and vision boards; we can create or manifest the things we want. I have certainly used these tools and found that it can give us direction and purpose and can create energy for the things we want to come forward. But if it is truly not meant for us, it will not happen. We may find when what we want does happen, it isn’t quite what we wanted.

I have manifested jobs and other experiences to find that once I had experienced it I then came to realise that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Possibly I didn’t ask for it in the right way – or I got exactly what I wanted and later thought I needed to be more specific. Over time I have learned that when I want to create and manifest something I need to question, where is the original desire coming from – my Ego or from my Higher Self?

If I am wanting to create an entirely different reality to the current one I am in, I need to question what is in my current reality right now that I am not wanting or enjoying? Within this question I then reflect on what is being presented for my learning. When we delve deeper we may find that it is our Ego. We may find that we are manifesting from fear of lack, rather than embracing what we have right now and building upon that. If we try and manifest our goals and desires from Ego, we may be sending a request that feels like you really don’t deserve it, so it doesn’t happen or you may get what you wanted. But you may find it won’t be long lasting, it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. More than likely when it is from Ego you never have enough and you will continue to want to move on to the next thing, and the next thing; constantly manifesting in a never-ending cycle.

This is where changing our thoughts comes into play. Acknowledge the Ego first, and then reflect on a different way of approaching a situation.

When we use a different perspective and re-align our thoughts, this is where we can make changes and begin to manifest a different outcome. If we be still and allow ourselves to quieten our mind our higher self can come through. From here is a place of unconditional love where we can forgive ourselves and work out what we would do differently the next time.

When we have the desire to want to manifest something we need to master our ego and emotions first. Keep everything in perspective. Internally this creates calm. The voice of fear can be muted, and the voice of love can come forward. This creates an entirely different reality as internally we are living a harmonious life within ourselves. This then this is reflected outwards, changing our perspective on our current reality.

Our internal chaos is when the Ego and Higher Self are at war with each other. We are having an internal battle trying to decide what decisions to make. These decisions are either based from fear or love. If we are constantly listening to our Ego, we feel scared, unsafe and fearful. We put limitations and blockages up that stop us making new choices and having different experiences. Acknowledging our Ego and the fear and then being mindful, we can change it to thoughts of love.

If we look at ourselves and our reality from love we feel safe, secure and confident within ourselves. We are kinder to ourselves. We nurture ourselves. We are content and peaceful within. We have an inner strength as our foundation is firm when we are in this space.

From here our reality looks and feels much more different than if we were coming from fear. From this space what we are wanting to manifest or create is more harmonious, balanced and in alignment to our purpose. It has an authenticity about it rather than an air of desperation. This is the key difference when you are seeking change or new experiences.

Our reality evolves and changes to be in alignment with our energy at the time and also contains our life lessons. When we master the lesson and transcend above the situation to the point it no longer affects us, this is when our reality changes.

When we go within and be present in the moment, embracing the current life we have, we enter a much different space where we find our authentic self. We may find what we initially wanted to manifest isn’t as important as we first thought or we receive a much grander vision of what we do want.

Danielle Renee Holistic Therapist – Writer Visit Danielle's website here Facebook: @holisticdanielle Instagram: holisticdanielle

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